Extranjera/o — No soy de aqui y no soy de alla.
September 22 – November 3, 2023.
Curated by Cony Madariaga.
Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month.
This exhibit explores the identity of Hisanpic and Latino people living and existing in a place that is home but not home. “No soy de aqui y no soy de alla. (I’m not from here, I’m not from there.)” is the expression that captures the challenge of identifying with two very different places and cultures. This exhibit honors the sacrifices, the challenges, and the things left behind while chasing the American Dream. It honors those who came before us, our family members who sought a better future for us, and those of us seeking that future today.
Calendar Dates

Friday, September 22, 5-9pm
Opening Reception for Extranjera/o exhibit

Friday, October 6, 5-9pm
Art Loop Reception for Extranjera/o exhibit
Tuesday, October 17
Tentative workshop with Los Abuelos from Latin American Community Center – thelatincenter.org
Saturday, October 21, 12pm-4pm
El Mercado de Arté / Artist Meet & Greet / Art Market for Extranjera/o exhibit
Friday, November 3, 5-9pm
Art Loop, Closing Reception for Extranjera/o exhibit
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