“I’ve worked on a few of the public art projects with the Creative Vision Factory over a decade, then joined with Public Art stewardship training program workforce readiness program will train Public Art Stewards to clean, conserve, and document public art. A six-month pilot, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, begins next year with a cohort of six to eight Wilmington residents who will steward 30 works of public art in downtown Wilmington and surrounding neighborhoods.
Spend 21 years as photographer Photograph on both public transport for my artwork, Documents details such as year model, fleet numbers, engines and transmission parts and current and present years on bus routes numbers.  and photograph with non-public transit such as nature, streets views with skylines etc. used for Adobe lightroom moved up with Adobe Photoshop/lightroom edition. I'm a transit enthusiast within art and photography and travel throughout northeast areas. How did I get there as an artist?  Art had chosen me to keep my brain more productive and stronger to move forward into art galleries, getting connected with other people in art galleries and local artists around Wilmington, Delaware and northeast areas between New York City and Philadelphia. the more artwork will become more productive and stronger. I had been photographer experience of over 21 years since in the early teenage years (April 2002) and as artist over 19 years since September 17, 2004 --Geraldo Gonzalez
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