As I started within photography in my middle school of April 2002 and not too sure what to used it beside using it for my artwork to draw, in fact I used it to make something create it as design advertising.
In March 2017 I had begun started taken continuing education course at the Delaware College art and design school learned how to edit images for long term use experiences to moving my goals as graphic art and design Photoshop career opportunities in the future it's a prime example to own a business
Moving up with my images into my adobe Photoshop and lightroom. I had over 15M pictures between 2002 thru 2023, It's hard to pick the best ones to Photoshop and lightroom to share my images on social media sites such as Instagram (For my art only) and my artist websites.
As since I’m a transit enthusiast within art and photography and longest-term experiences travel throughout northeast areas had moved into a Graphic design editor photoshop via Adobe.
This is how I photograph before using Adobe photoshop/lightroom to edit the picture. 

As I transferred this image into Adobe photoshop removed the bus company paint scheme and adverting ready to Photoshop. What you about to see i open my image to begin.
As a result of my work removing the bus company logo and adverting beginning to add a full wrap design on one of my artworks. 
as I transferred my work into Vanishing point to draw and line to drop a design from another image. 
As a result of my work that had completed, the photoshop images transferred to lightroom to re-edit the image to make it like a real image like nothing before
As you can see the original picture of the top that I had took before using adobe photoshop/lightroom editing, On the bottom of the picture that had done photoshop, my work that had completed of my artwork translated to my original picture.
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