I had 21 years' experience as professional photographer that shoots of nature, public transport, art, traffic with shutter speed etc. I used my Digal cameras in the early teens unit moving up with professionalism cameras such as Canon EOS T5 in mid-summer 2015 to used better night vision shots.  The best camera i used the most was Canon T7, D4000 and Nikon D3500.  
The First camera i used to photograph its Canon T5 with long 75-300 lens, 
As result the photograph i took of a close-up train with sunset.  This picture taken from my Canon T5 with 75-300 size long lens
Canon T7 (My second camera i used), This camera is the same camera model, it's had added icons such as photography food. everything else is the same as T5 that I had currently used.
The very first camera that I had borrowed from my friend of mine to use for shooting its Canon EOS (digital only camera, no film) This camera is the same just like T5 and T7
Photo of a bus with bird took off. wrap, Photo taken May, 2014
On the right side of my camera, I started first used Nikon D3500. This camera I currently used to take awesome pictures and had a lot of icon tools on my camera.
Camera Current roster
Canon T5 2015-Current
Nikon D3500 2019-Current
Nikon D7 2019 - Current
Canon T7 2020-Current
Canon 4000D 2021-Current

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